January 19, 2018

We haven’t forgotten…

So, I guess that you could say that I dropped the ball on keeping this blog up-to-date over this past month. But I must be honest:  It’s been one of the busiest holidays ever for the entire Black Tie staff, let alone all of our locals aiming to keep the ‘Boat afloat this winter season! We’ve simply been trying to live up to all of that talk that I boasted in my last post; but for those of you that avoided the holiday rush, rest assured – we’ve made it through, Texas Week has already come and passed, crowds have subsided, and it’s time to finally slide on into some normalcy in our proper little middle-of-nowhere.

While the snow so far has been slightly elusive, it hasn’t been non-existent – in fact, we’ve seen more than the majority of the state – and even the west. We snow-danced and prayed as hard as we all could and thankfully ended up with some fresh flakage just in time for Christmas! The turn of the New Year found us dusted in a couple more inches (to keep us somewhat sane), and another 22 inches of wet and heavy (but still snow!) luckily exempted us from our leg-day workouts over last week. Concerning this past week, things have softened up in the sun over these last few days yielding more Spring-like conditions; and now, we’re perhaps overly anxious awaiting the arrival of Joel Gratz’s forecast for this upcoming weekend, bringing yet another 5-10 inches from Saturday through Sunday! Even more snow is predicted for the following weekend, too; so while it hasn’t been the best winter Steamboat’s ever seen, perhaps it’s just running a bit behind. And you know what they say – better late than never! Also, if you’d like to stay up to date with Steamboat-specific forecasts, follow Joel’s weather blog linked at the bottom of this post. He’s mostly super accurate and keeps us updated daily.

So, in case you’re headed our way this weekend, we are here and waiting with our top-brands in-hand, anticipating your all-mountain ski/snowboard needs, and we’ll even keep some pow skis on cue for good luck! Cross your fingers for a POWwow, folks!

And stay tuned! I still have yet to learn to ski, but that’s well in the works now that I have a little more free time to work with!

Also, find out how meeting and checking in at our location in the Hayden airport with long-standing Black Tie employee, Cindy, can help you pretty much as soon as you step off of your flight!


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