January 29, 2018

Get Ready, Get Set – Right Off of Your Jet!

Alrighty, everyone! I hope this new week is finding you all well and stoked on Winter! I mentioned in a previous blog that I wanted to use a whole post to highlight our location at the Hayden Airport (aka Yampa Valley Regional or YVRA), how to utilize it and why it’s so beneficial; but for starters, just know that as a Steamboat guest, you are the ONLY guests out of any other Black Tie locations that has this special amenity available to you! And other than getting greeted by Cindy’s or Amber’s smiling faces and genuinely warm and welcoming demeanors it’s just a super handy tool that many of you probably don’t even realize exists!

First off, our airport kiosk is located right in the baggage claim, so right after you step foot off of your airplane and head over to gather your belongings, we’re there for you as an immediate point of contact, comfort and ease! It’s the perfect situation and time-saver as you’re waiting for your luggage and allows for you to check in with us right away to take care of any last minute or perhaps unexpected details or changes prior to arriving at your lodging or fitting. You might be wondering what types of potential scenarios would contribute to the use of the Black Tie at the airport, so let’s examine that in more specific examples.

Most commonly, maybe you missed your flight; or maybe your flight was delayed – or less commonly, maybe your car rental company lost your reservation, and now they’re scrambling to get you another vehicle for the week or find you a different ride into Steamboat  – but no worries – we’ll help you to stay organized on our end, for sure!

Did Uncle Jimbo decide to join in on the family fun at the very last minute? Let us know at the kiosk, and we’ll crunch some time by adding him onto your reservation so that the tech’s know what to expect and can properly prepare for his fitting, alongside the rest of your family!

Maybe your family is considerably famished from the longest day of traveling and dodging airport food, you could make it to your appointment on time, but now Dad’s patience is wearing thin, and he’s getting awfully hangry! He’s also paying for the vacation and probably shouldn’t be pushed too much further! Well, at that point, quickly coordinate with Cindy or Amber, and then get the good man well fed. They’ll point you towards your next steps for rescheduling your rentals; and it’s not out of the ordinary for one of them to make a great dinner suggestion, either, so don’t be afraid to ask where you should dine in the ‘Boat! If time allows, they might even be kind enough to call in a dinner reservation so that you’re ahead of the crowds.

Did Billy remember his helmet for Ski School? No?? And it’s mandatory to use one? No problem here – just tell the girls, and we’ll add a rental helmet to the reservation as soon as possible so it’s ready for Billy at his fit.

Uh oh! You just realized that Jenny had a different boyfriend when you booked with us several months ago; and while luckily the old beau’s reservation served as a placeholder for the new squeeze – yikes! – you forgot to change the name! We should probably avoid accidentally embarrassing him by summoning the ex’s name during the fit – even if he’d handle it like a champ.

Not planning to ski the entire stay? Need some suggestions for other things to do in the ‘Boat? Maybe we’ll help introduce you to the town culture and lifestyle through suggesting another type of local adventure. There are certainly plenty to be had, and we have some great connections!

Anyway, I think I’ve hopefully connected some dots. And for all of your travel-maybes (which are sometimes quite a bit), at the very least, the girls can get you into direct contact with a reservationist who’s dealt specifically with your booking and can troubleshoot and appoint a solution to your needs. This is what I meant from going above and beyond for you and why Black Tie is worthy to have such a strong company name. Let’s face it, purchasing rentals in any case can be a bit of a hassle, so we try our best to take most, if not all of that out of the equation, and our airport location might just be the easiest/earliest handling for those last minute details. We’re here for ya, everyone – so be sure to know and use your resources! And IMO, that’s a general life statement to be embraced.

On another note:  It’s going to snow this Wednesday night into Thursday then supposedly again over the weekend, but accumulations are uncertain. We’re also seeing that ray of hope into next week but with the same uncertainty, and you can keep up with Joel Gratz’s amazing daily forecasting at one of the links below. Mostly just cross those fingers, and pray and dance as oft as possible.

Don’t forget that the 105th Winter Carnival is also on it’s way; and stay tuned for later in the week when we get word back from our management team that’s currently at Copper Mountain demoing all of your favorite ski brands of the new year! Happy Trails!


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