January 30, 2018

Presidents weekend in Sun Valley

As most skiers know, Presidents weekend is one of the most popular times of the winter to take a ski vacation. The snow is accumulating, the resorts are fully open and the kids have a long weekend off of school. The only problem with taking a trip the same time as everyone else is that you are taking a trip the same time as everyone else…

There are a few tips and tricks to help you avoid the worst of the lines and congestion. First tip, try to arrive the evening before the big weekend starts. Get into town, get your groceries and your rental car, get settled in and get all your necessities taken care of. Another way to avoid lines is to avoid rental shops, give us a call, and we will deliver your skis directly to your room, custom fit the best skis available and have you ready to go the evening before you even hit the slopes. That leads in to the next tip, get on the hill early the first day and head as far back on the hill as you can, most people have to get in line, get their rentals and get lift tickets. By the time they get on the hill you will be skiing beautiful corduroy and fresh powder lines. The last tip is get off the hill a little bit early. If you leave an hour early, you will miss most of the end of day skier traffic, easy access off the hill and out of the parking lot.

Hopefully this will help you navigate the busy holiday weekend and enjoy your time on the hill just a little more.

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