February 28, 2018

Winter is here in FULL FORCE!!!

We have been pretty lucky for the past few weeks here in Sun Valley and that trend seems to want to keep going!  Low temps, consistent precipitation, and the classic SV bluebird days has characterized the second half of February. The tree skiing is fantastic, the moguls are soft, and the bowls are in the best shape of the season.

HEAVY SNOWFALL is forecast for the next 36 hours with 1-2″ tonight 4-8″ Thursday and 8-12″ Thursday Night the skiing is going to be unreal! And this new snow will fall on top of the 11″ we have gotten in the last few days….

This is a great time to be in Sun Valley but if you aren’t here right now DON’T FRET! The cold temps and precipitation are sticking around for the foreseeable future. This is the perfect time for a last minute trip out to Sun Valley! Book your skis as soon as possible for the best selection!

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