June 15, 2016

What You Don’t Know About Breckenridge May Shock You

The unique history of Breckenridge, Colorado current and historical will have you viewing this quaint little town in a whole new light.

“You can’t have our town site,” and so goes the original feud for land that has now become Breckenridge, Colorado.

In the early spring of 1860 two men, General George E. Spencer and Felix Pozansky, met along the river, both with establishing their land on the mind. Once they spotted each other along the trail, immediate accusations began. “You told me your town site would be near the fort.” “I changed my mind,” Spencer argues.

Historical Gold Mine Breckenridge Colorado
Historic Gold Mines of Breckenridge, Colorado

The Town site company divides the land into 12 lots. Later, Judge Bissel rules that Pozansky is entitled to one-twelfth of the plotted land.

In a desperate attempt to be recognized by establishing a post office, the residents of this beautiful area around the Blue river consented to naming the town after the current vice president, a Democrat, John Cambell Breckinridge. In 1860 he was elected to the Senate, and the pro-slavery Mr. Breckinridge opposed the war policy and soon after joined the Confederate Army.

A quick year after naming the town, and now wanting to make a name for itself, the little town quickly changed it’s name from Breckinridge to Breckenridge, showing it’s independence.

We think that the ski resort interest only started in the 60’s but “Breckenridge has always been on skis!,” quotes Blasted Beloved Breckenride, by Mark Fiester. The first skiers of this area called, what we call skis, their “snowshoes” made of “white pine, nine to thirteen feet in length” says Mr. Ruben Spalding, who built the first log dwelling in the new camp of Breckenridge. Even in April the snow in Breckenridge was known to be anywhere from five to fifteen feet deep.

gold dredge remains Colorado history

Establishing the county seat of Breckenridge has quite the story behind it. North of town, beyond the golf course and up the east valley was a town called Parkville. Yet, the inhabitants of Breckenridge desperately wanted the title of county seat. Late one night the busy-bodies of Breckenridge headed over to Parkville and stole the papers that constituted the authority. Thus Breckenridge is now the county seat.

Breckenridge’s history is full of fun-facts that have evolved over the decades as this area has become so well known and loved for it’s character and unique charm. Come see for yourself what sweet pieces of history you’ll find.



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