August 31, 2017

What to expect in a ski town

I know, the title may be a little misleading when you hear the story from this past weekend. Even though Park City is growing each year to encompass more year round residents and more homes we are still in the mountains. A fact that even us locals tend to forget from time to time.

This last weekend a bear was sighted in a residents garage, after he was “shooed” away they DNR was called and they came to help relocate the bear. Unknown to everyone involved, the bear decided to head inside the house and eat a loaf of bread and some other items before he was found. More on the story here:

To continue along those same lines, a mountain lion was spotted drinking out of a residents water feature a couple weeks ago. Imagine enjoying the relaxing sounds of your back yard and being surprised by that large of a cat… Here is more on that story:

So just keep in mind, when you come to ski in Park City, you really are still coming to the wild wild west.



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