March 22, 2017

Top Reasons to go Spring Skiing in Whistler

‘Tis the month of spring breaks all across North America. And what better way for school and university students to unwind mid-semester than spring skiing? Every March, thousands of spring breakers descend on Whistler to hits the slopes and let their hair down in the town’s vibrant nightlife. Families also arrive in droves to enjoy the long sunny days, warmer weather and amazing snow conditions. With that in mind, here’s our top reasons for spring skiing in Whistler.

In Whistler, spring doesn’t always mean slush | Photo Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

Winter conditions persist

One of the great things about Canadian ski seasons is that they last longer than that of resorts south of the border. Spring may have officially begun on March 20 this year, but there’s still plenty of powder days left before snow turns to slush. March is actually one of Whistler’s snowiest months with an average snowfall of 7.9 feet (2.4 metres). It’s one of the reasons Whistler Blackcomb is able to stay open longer than almost any other resort on the continent with the lifts spinning all the way up until May 22.

Longer days equals more skiing! | Photo Tourism Whistler/Justa Jeskova.

Longer Days

Once daylight saving time kicks in around the second week of March, the sun doesn’t set until well into the dinner hour. That means heading up for afternoon laps can still yield a decent day of skiing and the sun lingers on the patios for longer, creating prime conditions for marathon apres sessions. There’s less rush to hit the mountain first thing in the morning and there’s still daylight when walking back to the hotel at the end of the day.

spring skiing Whistler
The Swollen members perform as part of the free concert series at the WSSF. | Photo by Conrad Petszche-Kunze

The World Ski and Snowboard Festival

Every April sees the return of the annual World Ski and Snowboard Festival (WSSF), 10 days of music, arts and sports throughout Whistler. One of the more popular weeks in the town’s event calendar, the WSSF sees thousands of revellers converge on Whistler for free concerts, mind-bending art exhibits and coveted visual media competitions such as the Pro Photographer Showdown and 72hr Filmmaker Showdown. There’s also plenty of reasons to spend time up on the mountain, too. Freestyle ski and snowboard comps, the Half Pipe Fam Jam event and the must-see Slush Cup pond-skimming celebration.

spring skiing Whistler
Warm up your spring apres sessions at the Roundhouse Lodge | Photo Tourism Whistler

The Unmistakable Spring Vibe

There’s something about spring in Whistler, an infectious feeling that despite the ski season coming to a close, everyone is having the time of their lives both on and off the mountain. Peel off those jackets, chill in the alpine with a view and wear your goggle tan as a badge of honour.

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