January 16, 2015

Top 3 Haunted Places In Breckenridge, CO

Happy Halloween | Breckenridge’s Top Haunted Places Edition


Children (and some adults) everwhere have been planning their haloween costumes for weeks, if not months. While preparing just the right shade of facepaint, strategic neighborhood candy route’s and witch voices, some might be also wondering where their local ‘haunted’ places are.

Well, we’ve compiled The Top 3 Haunted Places In Breckenridge, Colorado for locals & visitors, wondering this very thing!


1. Prospector


If you’re curious about haunted locations around Breck, you’ve probably already stumbled upon the Ghost, Sylvia story? Sylvia was a woman who came to Breckenridge over a 100 years ago (1860’s – during the gold rush) with her husband.

Unfortunately, Slyvia’s husband died in a tragic mining accident. Sylvia is now said to be looming around Prospector (130 S. Main Street, Breckenridge) and is occasionaly seen on the second floor in a white dress and long dark hair.

Don’t get spooked out just yet, Sylvia is said to be very nice. There are reports from people who have lived on the second floor citing that they would leave clean clothes out unfolded on their beds to return to all their items neatly folded.

Another account describes a fire that broke out in the building. The family living there at the time evacuated after hearing a fire alarm go off, it was confirmed later that their fire alarm didn’t have battery’s…

2. Brown Hotel

The Brown (located 208 N. Ridge Street Breckenridge) was built in the 1800’s as a private school by Union Captain George L. Ryan. However, in the late 1800’s The Brown transformed into a hotel (some say it doubled as a brothel). While legend has it that during the early 1990’s a particular “Lady of the Night” by the name Ms. Whitney, had goals to advance her business and attain a more prestine clientelle at The Brown Hotel.

After the owner heard of Ms. Whitney’s personal business venture goals, he murdered her.

Visitors claim that Ms. Whitney still lives at The Brown and is occasionally seen in the women’s bathroom. People have also heard her slam doors and turn over trays.

3. Country Boy Mine

Tourists and workers at the Country Boy Mine have experienced unusual experiences at the mine. Visitors send in photos that appear strange or to have ghost-like figures in them.

A photo featured in this Summit Daily Article shows one photo that was sent in. You can see in the upper left a miner’s helmet and his arms reaching out as if pushing his miner’s cart.

“Each morning, one of the tour guides goes inside alone first to inspect the mine and monitor the air quality,” Paul Hintgen, owner and operator said, “One of them told me that when he was done with his inspection at the back and was walking out, somebody pushed him from behind on the shoulder so hard that he stumbled forward. He was alone down there, and he knows that he didn’t trip. Something pushed him.” -Vail Daily Article

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