February 1, 2016

The Simpletons Guide To Renting Ski Equipment

It’s not something you do everyday. You actually haven’t done it for a few years.

So, what is the best gear to rent for your time on the ski slopes?  Glad you asked……


Luckily, you don’t have to do the hard thinking, the ski technicians do. Give Black Tie Ski Delivery your physical stats such as your ski ability type, height, weight, street shoe size and age.Atomic-Live-Fit-W-Boot

Let them know how long it’s been since you skied last and how aggressive you are getting back on that pony.

Depending on the ability level you rate yourself at, the ski technician will select skis the length appropriate for your height. For example, if you are a lady who is 5’6, the ski length range you will be given will be from 155-175 cm.  If your street shoe size is a ladies 8, the ski boot will be a size 26.0. Ski pole size is good anywhere in the 36-44 inches range.


Always lean forward in your ski boots as you try them on to simulate the position you will be in on the slopes. Make sure you have a snug fit. Too big and you may cause a lack of control and shin bruising, too small and you will be crying after the first few runs. Favored for you, Black Tie Ski offers a premium boot upgrade. These are really nice retail style boots that are used for rental. A comfortable ski boot is the most important part of the equipment rental, make sure to add the upgrade, your feet will thank you.



Aiming for the best fit possible at delivery, Black Tie Ski technicians realize that sometimes things might feel different after your first few runs of the first day. Rest assured that if this is the case and a different size boot is needed, you can call us to have a technician meet you at a ski resort base area in a jiffy or on your lunch break to exchange sizes.


Black Tie also offers clothing packages for those who don’t have their own ski jackets and ski pants. These sleek Helly Hansen jackets and pants are perfect to go over your cozy base layers.

Voice any questions you have about the gear and maneuvering the mountain while your skis are being delivered.The technicians will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Black Tie Ski not only wants to make sure your time on the slopes is the best time ever but we want your whole vacation to be a wonderful experience.  

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