February 18, 2017

The Secret Trick To Packing for Ski Vacation

Once you start planning your ski vacation, the more you think about it, the more you realize there is to do.

Use this free printable SkiVacationPackingList to help you remember all that is necessaryFree Printable Ski Vacation Packing List before you head to the mountains.

Beyond what to bring, and just as important, is what to plan. Again and again ski vacation experts see people making the mistake of waiting until they arrive to decide what to do. The internet has forced us to be more prepared.

Often waiting to schedule your ski delivery or get your lift tickets in advance will cost you dearly in hours of waiting in long lines with all the other people who waited until they arrived,  not to mention higher costs. If you want to go snowmobiling but didn’t realize it’s booked a week out can turn into a bummer.

Making a local contact prior to arrival is priceless. Be it an experienced travel agent or a dinner recommendation from the ski delivery reservations agent, get ahead of the game by knowing before you go.

Know how to plan and how to pack. Deciding what to bring and what to leave behind is tough, especially if this is your first ski vacation in a while. Don’t forget to bring a good attitude and determination to have fun. Quick dry base layers are essential as well as goggles and sunscreen.Forgetting lip balm and strong moisturizers in the dry arid mountain climate will drive you mad. Did you think about putting your liquids and creams in a resealable plastic bag so it doesn’t burst at altitude (typically 8600 feet or more)?  We did!

When planning your ski vacation in advance it’s hard to know what the weather is going to be like when you arrive. If it’s the blue bird skies you envisioned while planning, then good deal. But it’s the mountains, and you never know if there is a winter/spring storm lerking beyond the alpine vistas. Being prepared for whatever the mountain weather wants to do is essential to your comfort.

It’s easy to know exactly what you need when you do it on a daily basis. Those of us that live in a ski resort town have seen it all. We get to watch all the prepared and unprepared skiers on the mountain on a regular basis. Let us help.


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