October 15, 2015

The 10 Commandments of A Breckenridge Ski Vacation

Historically speaking, following the ten common-sense rules will ensure a happy, safe and more enjoyable life.

Make sure your Breckenridge ski vacation runs smoothly by upholding these ten laws.

Oh Great! These rules have already been broken….


 1.  Thou Shalt…… Save Money by Pre-Purchasing Discounted Lift Tickets.

Waiting until you’re standing in the ticket line is the most expensive way to get your lift ticket. Order online at least a week prior to your arrival for the best rates. Better yet, reload your hard pass online and never have to wait in line again.

     2.  Thou Shalt Not Make For Yourself An Image…… In The Form of a Complete Tourist. 

Ask the locals for the best places to eat, shop and play. They are the ones who have experienced these businesses repetitively and can give great recommendation to whatever it is you are looking for. Whether it’s the hotel front desk agent or your massage therapist, ask around for great options.

     3.  Thou Shalt Not Take The….. Mountains In Vain. 

Travel plans get changed, weather gets crazy and who took your boots off the dryer?  Flexibility, my friend, is key to truly enjoying your time away. I have talked with many guests who have had the most unfortunate things happen during their stay and they still were determined not to let anything spoil their time. Don’t plan your schedule too tight that you have little time to relax and soak in the sweet scenery.

    4. Remember The ……Shuttle Phone Number And Keep It Near By. 

Parking in busy ski towns is nothing to scoff at. Beware of the large snowbanks that infringe on your parking space and the fees that it will coast you to park there. Easiest form of transportation is by far the resort shuttle or a taxi service. Stay in the comfort of the warm restaurant finishing your dessert wine right up until the moment the driver arrives. 

    5.  Honor Thy…… Appetite at Apres Ski. 

The Canteen tap house is the newest tavern in town to quench your ski induced hunger pains. Once you elbow past all the locals hanging out in the bar, find a spot and order the irresistible Ahi Guacamole and a Avery Salvation brew.

    6.  Thou Shalt Not Kill….. Your Ankles and Shins. 

Listen to the ski technicians’ advice for the proper boot fit and you will live long, comfortable days in your ski boots. Realize that ski boots fit very differently than street shoes. Too large of a fit will cause your shins to bump up against the boot tongue. Once there is bruising it’s hard to get comfortable again no matter what pair of boots you put on, so confirm a perfect fit on day one. 

    7.  Thou Shalt Not Commit……. Safety Violations. 

Remember the activity you are participating in has risks associated with it. Ski and snowboard defensively as you would driving a car, especially during busy holiday times. Follow the mountain safety rules so you don’t spend your vacation hours in the medical center instead of on the slopes.

    8.  Thou Shalt Not Steal…..Your Significant Others Heart.

Well….. Actually, you should do your best to win their heart and no better place then the romantic streets of Breckenridge. Enjoy a couples massage at one of the many fantastic spas in town followed by fine dining meals at the many quaint, cozy restaurants at your finger tips that are sprinkled around town.

   9.  Thou Shalt Not…. Neglect Your Health. 

Altitude + exertion= potential exhaustion. Be it hot tubs, massage or a power nap, don’t disregard your body’s needs during vacation. The added stress of activities at altitude can take a toll. If you ski once every few years, don’t be surprise if you are sore after day one. Drink plenty of water, easy on the booze and stay feeling great during your vacation.

  10.  Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s…….Snow Equipment.  

Ever looked down on the chair lift and lusted after the other guys gear? You won’t if you rented through Black Tie Ski Delivery! Sport the latest skis and boards causing others to lust, just don’t enjoy it TOO much.

There you have it. The ten common-sense rules to finding fulfillment during your next Breckenridge ski vacation. Just remember, if you commit any of these heinous acts, there is always mercy and grace awaiting us all.


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