March 11, 2013

Teocalli Tamale

Teocalli Tamale is located right on Elk Avenue in Crested Butte. They serve great burritos, tacos, tamales, beers and margaritas. Teo’s has 4 different salsas ranging from mild to hot. Our favorites are the fresh tomato, a pico de gallo type salsa that isn’t too hot (Teo rates it as ‘mild) and the Salsa Verde. When the two are combined, it makes a zesty delight, that is just a little bit spicy. The Mike’s Mexolina is another staff favorite. Imagine tasty shredded beef stewed in spicy goodness and served in either a taco or a burrito. Teocalli, or Teo’s as its more often known, also serves steak, chicken, and vegetarian burritos and taco, along with Mahi Mahi tacos. They have a wide variety of vegetarian burrito offerings too! The Teocalli Thai burrito is made with julienned carrots, scallion, & snowpeas with ginger and peanut sauce and is another popular item on the menu. Then there is the gourmet vegetarian burrito or taco that is served with roasted potato, onion, celery, tomato, garlic, & rosemary.

Teocalli Tamale also makes a fantastic margarita and offers them by the pitcher as well. The pitchers serve about 6 margs each, and break down to about $3.50 per drink, which offers a pretty good value if you’ve got a group. Teo’s makes a great apres ski dinner stop, or grab lunch there, but be sure it isn’t a powder day! Teo’s is famous for their powder policy, if its snowed more than 6 inches, they don’t open till 12. If its not a powder day, they open at 11, and they close at 9 p.m. Check out their framed powder closing signs from seasons past while you wait to place your order.

Check out Teocalli Tamale’s menu here.

Teocalli Tamale’s phone number is 970-349-2005, give ‘em a call and let them know the Black Tie Ski Rental Delivery guys sent you!

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