January 23, 2018

Surprise Tuesday AM Pow Day!

Oh, wow – FRESH POW! That’s right, everyone! It’s that light and fluffy kind that you can literally huff and puff and blow off of your covered vehicle with ease instead of scraping for 10 minutes straight. While it didn’t accumulate to too terribly much (about 3 inches), it was a happy Tuesday dusting that took we ‘Boat locals and tourists for surprise to arise first thing in the morning – of course, unless you’re working while your brand new snowboard sits in the back in waiting, like me/mine. It’s OK, though – I live here! Still, that 3 inches added a wonderfully weightless, fluffy layer on top of the still soft 10 inches we already received this past weekend, and that’s given us A LOT of smiling faces in passing throughout the day! There’s really not much better than a fresh snowy morning followed by a bluebird afternoon!

It’s looking like it’ll be dry here after today and until Thursday and over the weekend when the next snow is expected to bless our hills. We’re expecting it to be steady to busy at the resort, so if you’re trying to rent from Black Tie, give us a shout! We’d be happy to see you all; plus, we’ve finally been able to introduce some of our brand new fleet since we’ve finally been getting better conditions! Come check it; and don’t forget that you can either call us or book online (direct link below) to make your reservations!

We’ve also got the 105th Annual Winter Carnival coming up within the next 2 weeks, so now’s a great time to plan! We’ll be seeing y’all soon!

Happy Trails, everybody!


For Online Booking or reservations by phone, visit:

https://booknow.blacktieskis.com/ or call (970) 870-3172


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