November 27, 2018

Staff Picks: LibTech T. Rice Pro

Here at Black Tie we pride ourselves on crushing big lines, so we choose to have a demo fleet of skis/boards that we’d want to ride ourselves! As a lifelong snowboarder I’ve looked up to Travis Rice since day one.  This year we are carrying the Lib Tech T. Rice Pro. This board is any snowboarder’s dream board. The T. Rice Pro is an all mountain board featuring the perfect rocker/camber hybrid. That means not only can you get corked in the half-pipe, but you can also drop into those big mountain lines you’ve been dreaming of effortlessly.  The T. Rice Pro is also going to float you through those deep stashes on a powder day.  Whether you’re trying to send it in the park or the backcountry, this board is made for you!


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