November 26, 2015

Ski Bum Looking for Work

Why do we employ Ski Bums?

Ski Bums share our passion for skiing.  They have vast amounts of experience and local knowledge that provides our clients with the most convenient and enjoyable ski vacation.  When you need expert advice and local knowledge who would you trust more….a novice or an expert?  All of our technicians are avid skiers and local residents in the skiing communities we serve.  Eric and Chris are Black Tie Ski’s resident Ski Experts in Sun Valley, Idaho.  You can reach them at (208) 720-6935 to reserve your equipment and schedule your ski rental delivery in Sun Valley.

While the term “Ski Bum” has the aura of the free spirited “Ski Dude” without a care in the world, our technicians care about our guests.  All of them are uniformed and trained in the latest ski technology and equipment performance.  They are always one phone call away to assist you with any equipment needs you may have on your next skiing adventure.

How do our technicians pay for their passion for skiing?  Check out the following article:

“Top 7 Jobs for the Modern Ski Bum”

“It’s a rough life but somebody has to do it”

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