January 30, 2013

SIA Snow Show

The Snowsports Industries America (SIA) snow show is the annual industry gathering that takes place in Denver, Colorado at the end of January and beginning of February. Ski, snowboard, and clothing companies bring out their brand new gear, clothes, and accessories and show off what they hope will be the new big trend in the ski industry.

Each year Black Tie Ski Rentals of Crested Butte heads to Denver to browse the new skis, snowboards and boots to pick the new gear that will best suite our customers’ skiing desires in the upcoming year.

Dynastar SkisIts hard work navigating all the displays of cool new toys and entertainment events put on by the industry presenters, but somebody has to do it.

Every major ski and snowboard manufacturer is present at the snow show to display their 2014 gear. Is there anything you want to see? What brand is your favorite?

There are plenty of ski area celebrities at the snow show too, Glen Plake, Jeremy Jones, Heli-skiing pioneer Dean Cummings, and many others. Keep an eye on our blog and Facebook for pictures from this year’s show!

(Photos from last year’s show, courtesy of SIA, photo by Chris Schneider)

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