June 23, 2017

Park City in the Summer, Volume 1

Good morning everyone! The longest day of the year has just passed us by but by Park City terms we have just started our great summer season! There is still snow to be found at the peaks of the resorts but we are in full swing with our summer activities. Over the season we will do our best to keep everyone up to date on the great activities we have happening.

Today is all about the Deer Valley Resort Mountain bike trail system. Although they have been allowing both uphill, downhill and lift access biking for years they continue to improve every season. This year they are creating a new trail named Tsunami. It is an expert only level trail with berms, table tops and other features to keep even the best Bikers on their toes.

Don’t worry, they have trials that are great for beginner and intermediate bikers as well so nobody will be left out. This season they will be staying open late on Wednesdays for the Scott Twilight rides where you can access certain trails as well as get private mountain biking lessons to up your game. For more information directly from Deer Valley Visit:


Enjoy, be careful and keep an eye out for more tips on what to do from Black Tie Ski Rentals of Park City.

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