December 18, 2020

Staff Day – Tim and Justin

Justin and Tim — The Ski Tech duo of your dreams!

Justin grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, and came out to the Gunnison/Crested Butte valley for school. He eventually wants to go back for a Masters in Science and Ecology. As he said, “I enjoy botanizing frequently,” aka he’s a big plant guy. His favorite things about our valley are the fantastic community and beauty that surrounds him every day.

Tim is a Colorado native from Colorado Springs and also made his way out here for school to study Environmental Sustainability. He spent his summer as a park ranger and hopped on the Black Tie crew this winter. He enjoys the small-town atmosphere here in Crested Butte — Great people, good snow, and recreation/environment focused.

They both love sharing their passion for snow sports and seeing the stoke our customers get once they’re fitted with gear for their trip.

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