December 26, 2014

Meal Planning For Ski Vacations

Ski vacations with multiple families can be a blast, but planning meals for large group vacations can be a daunting task.

Ensure you have free time by using these ideas for meal planning for group vacations with these 4 simple steps:


Step One:  Select the Meals 

Create a list gathering ideas and tools from our Pinterest Board collection and choose a meals for each day that you are eating at your lodging. For multiple families lodging together, assign specific nights for each family to be in charge of breakfast, dinner and adult beverages for each night. Meal planning ideas for a group vacation can include: nacho and taco bar, lasagna, crock pot sloppy joes, skillet meals, chili or burgers/hot dogs on the grill.

Step Two:  Create a Grocery List 

Once you’ve selected your meals, create the ingredients list.

Step Three:  Have your Groceries Delivered

Stay away from pushing a cart around an unfamiliar grocery store, back tracking to aisles on the other side of the store all during busy hours. If you are looking to REALLY simplify the process, order your grocery list to be delivered to your lodging before you get there with Breckenridge Grocery Express. They will even stock your cabinets with your groceries so it will feel like home from the moment you walk in the door.

Step Four: Prepare, Serve and Enjoy

Stay one step ahead by preparing the crock pot meals before you head out to ski. When you come back from the slopes, the aroma or thought of a meal ready to go will entice you into true vacation relaxation mode.

You can save money serving your own meals at your lodging during your ski vacation, but give everyone at least one night off and indulge at a local restaurant. With the right planning, making meals for the group won’t consume your vacation time.  Just don’t forget to assign someone to clean up duty each night, and enjoy your nights off.

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