December 28, 2013

Are You Making These Tourist Mistakes on Your Ski Vacation?

Your vacation could be SO much easier!

Making a habit of these common tourist mistakes, creates a more exhausting vacation. Here are some mistakes to avoid to make time in the mountains much more comfortable:

Listen closely to these insider tips of all-too-common mistakes tourist make on their ski vacation:

  • NOT PLANNING AHEAD ENOUGH~From lodging, meal planning, activities and lift tickets.  Planning before is essential for your vacation to go smooth. Ordering delivery service for your rental equipment and grocery delivery helps save so much time from standing in lines in a bustling resort town. Ordering your lift tickets at least a  week prior gives you the best prices, then they will be waiting for you at the ticket office. You should also make dinner reservations, at the places that accept them, to avoid your hungry family waiting hours for a table.


  • GETTING THE WRONG BOOT SIZE~ Take your time and really think about how your boot feels, and don’t feel rushed. Listen the ski technician’s advice on the right fit. The typical ski boot will have pressure in the toes until you bend your knees, as you do while skiing. Don’t go too big or you will slide around in the boot.  Slight shin bruising after the first day is normal for those who only ski once a year at most, but if it becomes bothersome, try a different boots style.

Copper Top Breckenridge

  • BRINGING ONLY SUNGLASS~  We all like to visualize the beautiful sunny day scene for our vacation, but reality is…  You’re in the mountains and windy snow happens! Goggles are great for providing protection from the snow, wind and sun glare. Plus,you’ll look like a pro!


  • NOT WEARING A  HELMET~The majority of  skiers and riders wear helmets today. Even if you “trust” your once-a-year skiing skills, know that when the mountain is crowded, you NEED protection. A post by Gretchen Reynolds from The  New York Times states, ” Interestingly, the skiers and riders who were the most likely, in general, to wear a helmet were the most expert, the men and women with the most talent and hours on the slopes. Experience seemed to have taught them the value of a helmet.”


  • “TRY” SNOWBOARDING~ Admirable, but if you only have a few days and are not absolutely determined to learn, you may enjoy yourself more on skis for those first few days.  Riding has a tough learning curve, comparable to playing a tough football game.  Leave the skis on until the last day, then give it a GO. This way you can avoid being bruised and sore your whole vacation time.


  • OVER ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION~ Yes, It’s vacation and YES you should have a grand time letting loose, but keep altitude in mind. For every drink you consume at sea level, it amounts to almost 3 drinks at altitude. So, have water between beverages. Cheers!


  • SKI/RIDE IN COTTON SOCKS~A bottle of water in your ski boots? Not comfortable! That’s how much moisture cotton socks can absorb. Moisture is absorbed quickly and will dry slow, which causes blisters. Adding two pairs only intensifies the problem. Ski and Snowboard socks are made of smooth wool that wicks moisture away into a vapor and cushions the shin and heel areas that take the most pressure. Trust us, they are worth the few extra dollars.


  • NOT PREPARED FOR WINTER DRIVING~Since you can’t determine the weather, take your time on the roads or call a shuttle if conditions get really bad. Being unfamiliar with how to handle your vehicle in snow-covered, can’t-see-the-lines on unknown roads gets stressful quickly.

Avoid uncomfortable situations during your next ski vacation. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to your lodging coordinator, rental technician or any other local who can help answer your questions. Fine tune your favorite ski vacation details, learning each year new and helpful resources, and get the most out of your time in the mountains.

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