October 11, 2019

It’s fall! Which means time for Pumpkin Beer

I know, this isn’t the normal direction our blogs take. But let’s be real, fall is all about pumpkin. Pumpkin beer, coffee, desserts, and yes: Spam. We could also discuss the changing colors, the first snows, resort opening dates but we have time for all of that later.

The most important pumpkin concoction for me is the beer. There is nothing better that taking a hike up to the summit of your favorite mountain and cracking open your fall favorite. While we do have some great local options. Wasatch brewery makes a great one as well as Squatters. Outside magazine has taken the time to create a national top 6 best list. Although I haven’t tried many of them, its a good bet that they did a good job, and why not give them all a try yourself and let them know what you think.

You can see their list here: https://www.outsideonline.com/2402539/6-best-pumpkin-beers-fall



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