December 5, 2018

Fire On the Mountain: 4th Telluride Fire Festival

With snow on the way and temperatures dropping, there is nothing like sitting by the fire on a cold winter night. How about bundling up next to fire art and fire performers? This December 7th-9th  Telluride and Mountain Village heats up with the 4th Telluride Fire Festival. A favorite festival among locals, this year the festival presents fire performers, Rikki Morehouse, John Beck, Ana Cruz, Leah Twery, and Scarlett Sinfero just to name a few. The fire artwork at this festival never disappoints, and leaves festival goers in awe. (Who remembers the giant tentacle breathing octopus a couple years ago?) There will also be various workshops like poi, juggling, fire spinning, and glass blowing, for those with interested in beginning to learn fire craft.  Ticketed events for this festival are an All Access Pass for $95.00 for the Fire Ball and Fire On the Mountain, Hot Time in the Old Time- (event at the Transfer Warehouse), and Fireside Soiree at the Bob. The Fire Ball event is $40.00 for a ticket to party in the nation’s highest night club surrounded by fire dancers and aerial silk performers, with music by local musician, DJ Beatrixx Kiddo and DJ Phoenix. Please visit for more information!

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