February 9, 2017

Featured Gear Thursdays – Rossignol Smash 7

The Rossignol Smash 7 is an all-mountain powder ski for up-and-coming rippers.

This ski supplies lightweight agility and enhanced durability for freeride dominance. Powder Turn Rocker delivers fatigue-free manueverability, effortless steering and instant speed control, making powder skiing easier and more fun. Centered Sidecut provides the all-terrain versatility and edging power simply not found in other wide-waisted, rockered skis.

Leave your mark with the Smash 7, a real-deal all-mountain powder ski for future hard-chargers. For more information about other available gear in Black Tie’s fleet, please visit our website at https://crestedbutte.blacktieskis.com/equipment/.

To schedule your next Black Tie ski rental reservation, please call our office at 970.349.0722.

We look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

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