February 3, 2018

CBMR Featured Terrain – Houston (Green)

Crested Butte was the first ski area to open extreme terrain to the public, but don’t let that fool you. CBMR has some of the best beginner terrain that Colorado has to offer. A local and tourist favorite for progressing your skills is without a doubt Houston. Located off the Red Lady lift, Houston is a wide, green run with a mellow steepness to ensure you have space to learn and ample time to do so.   

As you are entering the run, you will see all ages and abilities so be sure to keep that in mind and be respectful of the people around you. Once you get into the thick of the run, you will be beyond impressed by the terrain and optional off run features. You can stay in the middle and practice you edge to edge turning or, if you are feeling a bit braver, you can play with the small jumps and banks on the sides or even venture in to some mellow tree runs.

Get out there and explore all the wonderful runs CBMR has to offer! For all of your ski and snowboard rental needs, call our office at 970.349.0722.

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