February 12, 2018

CB Celebrations

The third week in February is full of events, so make sure to book your rentals with Black Tie Skis today and come party with us!

Grab your beads and a beverage and celebrate Mardi Gras in Crested Butte on the 13th of February. Black Tie Ski Rentals is privileged to offer patrons a unique discount with several vendors found locally in Crested Butte. Call us at 970-349-0722 to book your rental and inquire about featured discounts and specials with our VIP card.

Crested Butte Center for the Arts presents Chris Robinson Brotherhood February 15 and 16th at 8 pm. Tune out and tune into this groovy, California cruiser rock band featuring soulful sounds and dense melodic improvisations. For more information and ticket info, please visit crestedbuttearts.org.

Appreciate local expressions of art during the Crested Butte Art Walk on Friday February 16th from 5 to 8 pm. Enjoy an eclectic mix of artistic mediums during this event. For more information please visit artistsofcrestedbutte.org.

Stay tuned for more Crested Butte local events and keep an eye toward the sky for more snow in the future. Please visit blacktieskis.com today to reserve your rentals for your next visit!

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