December 17, 2014

Your Best Ski Vacation Recovery Strategy

Sigh……. Vacation is over. 

You’re home sweet home.  Everyone had a wonderful time and now it’s back to the routine of life. With duties pressing, schedules to keep, loads of laundry to be done, bags need unpacking and the refrigerator is straight up empty.

You need a ski vacation recovery strategy!

Don’t let the days following your ski vacation overwhelm you. Put in place a few strategies to keep the family from feeling those post vacation blues.  Just like planning before your vacation makes your vacation run smoother, so does planning for your return.

Use these ideas for a simple transition on the home front:

  • Order delivery. For the first evening back home or have a prepared meal ready to go
  • Plan a day of rest. The first day back, if possible, or at least an evening of rest to compensate for the change in sleep patterns during vacation
  • Relax. Remember that unpacking and doing laundry might not need to be done immediately. Don’t stress yourself out trying to get everything back in working order within the first 24 hours
  • Keep the house clean. Leave for vacation with a semi clean house so there is less to do upon return
  • Look at pictures. Review your vacation photos with gratitude for the experience instead of sadness that it’s over
  •  Enjoy home-cooking. Finally, meals that even the best restaurant french fries can’t stand up to
  • Find a funny movie. “Laughter is an instant vacation.” – Milton Berle
  • Keep perspective. Even if you moved to your vacation destination there would be bills to pay and schedules to keep there too. Appreciate all the wonderful things in your life and for the opportunity to have a change of pace during your time away.

Everyone “re-enters” the routine of life differently after time away.  Focus on the good parts and find the sweet spots that make your transition easier. Use this time to take a good look at your life and habits to see what you feel is going right and what things you dread so much coming back to that maybe you should reevaluate.

Whether it’s a beach far away or a mountain near by, vacations refresh our perspective on life. And for that we are thankful.

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