March 1, 2016

Are You Ready to Try Snowboarding? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Snowboard in Gondola Breckenridge black snowboard
Breckenridge Snowboarding-
Gondola Ride

7.6 Million people participate in snowboarding each season, are you prepared to be one of them?

Find out if you’re ready to “shred the gnarr” with this multiple choice quiz!

  1. The best way to learn snowboarding is by….
    1. Going straight to the top of the mountain and hoping for the best
    2. Hire a Hottie snowboard instructor for a private lesson
    3. Pick #2, you fool!
  2. Which pieces of equipment are necessary for snowboarding?
    1. A Red Bull breakfast
    2. Board, Bindings, Boots and Brain Bucket
    3. Ear buds blasting your favorite tunes
  3. A snowboard “stance” stands for….
    1. The way you sit on the chair lift
    2. Your natural way of standing
    3. The vibe you put out at the bar
  4. A stomp pad is used for….
    1. A safe place for muddy boots
    2. Tension release after a hard day
    3. Grip for your back foot before you strap in
  5. The best way to determine your lead foot is by…..
    1. Sliding across the floor and seeing which foot leads
    2. Kicking someone who cut in line
    3. Signing up for a square dancing lesson

***Please Note: All 5 questions have specifically accurate answers.

The snowboarding world is not for everyone, please proceed at your own risk.

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