December 14, 2014

5 Essential Shortcuts For Your Ski Vacation

Don’t Waste Precious Vacation Time Waiting in Lines!

Use these quick tips to make the most of every minute on your well-deserved ski vacation. 

1. Pre-Purchase Lift Tickets

Buy your tickets online prior to arriving at the resort and you will not only get the best price but will save some time standing in line holding all your gear. For Vail resorts, once you have your online purchase, you can go straight to the “Express Lane” at the ticket windows. A couple quick clicks and you are on the chair lift while the rest are still slowly moving forward one space in the ticket line. Time gained: 20 minutes to over an hour +.

2. Ski Rental Delivery

This, my friend, goes without saying, if you could get your rentals the evening before with no deliver fee and be ready to go the next morning, why wouldn’t you? Avoid in-town parking fees, rentals lines and squirmy kids while enjoying the comfort of your own lodging. Hey, sip a martini and sit by the fire, Black Tie Ski Delivery will take care of the boots, skis and ski clothing rentals. Vacation time gained: 45 minutes to 2 hours

3. Make Reservations

Waiting lists at restaurants can easily take up to an hour or more especially during prime holiday times. Call ahead or make reservations online for your restaurant choice. Not all resort restaurants take reservations but some do, and it will definitely be worth your time to do so. Do a little research online, sneak a peek at the menu and walk straight to a dinner table.(Don’t forget reservations for activities and spa treatments as well.) Hungry time saved: 1+ hours.

4. Bring Ski Food

Another shortcut for your ski vacation is to eat lunch away from the base areas, or at an off-peak time. Everyone takes a break from skiing around the noon hour. Which means lunch lines get lengthy. Have your sandwich, protein bars and water with you. This way you simply need to find a nice resting place to refuel and recharge. Slope time saved: 30 minutes to an hour.

5. Travel During Off Peak Hours

A trip to Denver from Breckenridge, Keystone or Copper Mountain shouldn’t take 4 hours, however, during the busy ski season Sunday evening travel time on I-70 East can easily take that long. Stay in town a little bit longer enjoying relax time not “are we there yet?” screams. Plan your return travel for anytime but the prime hours. Hours of sane relaxation gained: 1 to 2 hours. 

Walk right past the long lines for lift tickets, sip your beverage by the fireplace while having a ski technician fit your boots, enjoy lunch with a breath taking views from the mountain top. Use these quick tips to fully soak in the experience.


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