September 19, 2017

5 Easy Ways To Ski Like A Ninja! -For Beginners

Even Tom Brady had a first time to throw a football. Everyone starts somewhere. If you don’t try you will never know how much fun there is to be had alpine skiing in the mountains. Gear up and get ready for an experience you won’t soon to forget…

Learn to downhill ski focusing on these five steps. Learn to Ski Breckenridge Keystone Copper Mountain

1- Equipment

  • Wear comfortable clothing for the weather
  • Ensure a proper boot fit for good control
  • Have a technician size you for ski and pole length

2- The Ski Lift

  • Dreaded by some, this is a necessary part of the ski experience
  • Lean forward as you dismount the chair or you will be sorry
  • Aim straight forward and be aggressive

3- Terrain

  • Beginner slopes are well marked with a green circle
  • Find your balance and don’t be afraid of slopes that look steep
  • Consider the condition of the snow and how the skis will slide

4- Technique

  • Point your shoulders downhill
  • Keep legs squared up under your core
  • Fix eyes ahead and your body will follow

5- Confidence

  • Concentrate on technique and be proud of how hard your body is working to learn this new sport
  • Push past the flat terrain to gain the speed needed to improve
  • Hire a professional instructor to add the confidence you are heading down the right technique path

Keeping these basics in mind will have you swooshing down the slopes like a ninja in no time. Remember to respect the risk of the sport, the alpine environment and the elements you may encounter. Have the time of your life as you have this unique opportunity to learn to downhill ski.




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