December 20, 2016

Sundance Lineups fall in to place

As anyone who has visited Park City in the latter half of January can tell you, we are all about the Sundance Film Festival. From black private limo’s all over town, to the red velvet ropes and the private parties, we know how to throw a film festival. Just recently the rest of the lineup has been announced and if there is one part of a film festival that can’t be overlooked, its the films.  Numerous veterans have come back to grace our town with their work alongside fistfuls of rookies looking to make a name for themselves. If you are interested in taking a look at the lineup check it out here:

From comedies, to drama and documentaries we will have it all. So get your tickets and lodging early because we do book up, but good news is at hand. With all the people catching a film mid day, the slopes will be empty!

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