March 13, 2015

Ski Equipment and the Weather

To say that this year’s weather was strange is an understatement.  We had a high volume of calls from our clients looking for up to the minute weather conditions here in Park City prior to their vacations.  Even with all of the weather “Apps” and “Gadgets” available, conditions aren’t always clear hundreds and thousands miles away.  Many clients who were used to “Powder” skis in the past had to go to “All Mountain” carving skis for the “Slicker” conditions recently.  Here at Black Tie Skis in Park City, we have found the NOAA site to be an invaluable weather forecast resource:

We obviously use it primarily for Current Ski Conditions, but we have found it very useful at finding the perfect waves during the spring, summer and fall.  A unique feature of the site is the ability to “Pin Point” the map cross hairs and get the current conditions at the top of our favorite runs at Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort and The Canyons Resort.  As you are probably aware, the weather can be significantly different from in town to the top of the lifts.  The ability to see the current conditions and forecasts at different elevations is awesome in “Our Humble Opinion”.  Whether you are headed our way or to some other far away destination, put this Weather Forecasting Resource to good use.

NOAA Weather Forecasting

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