September 30, 2015

New equipment arriving in Park City

We are happy to have our new equipment coming into the shop every day now! Unlike other shops we are not constrained in our ordering process, we can choose from any manufacturer we think our guests will love. We carry 7 brands and many more models in our Park City shop.
The most recent ski we received is the Atomic Crimson Ti.The Crimson Ti is the most progressive and widest model in our legendary All Mountain Nomad ski series. It offers a powerful ride with increased flow both on piste and off. Our revolutionary ARC Technology channels all your power through one single mounting point in the center of the ski, allowing it to flex easily and naturally. This ensures the ski remains in contact with the snow at all times, in all conditions, providing awesome traction and giving your skiing a really smooth, natural feel. The Crimson’s high-grade features also include a Woodcore with titanium layers and a Step Down Sidewall 2.0 for tons of stability and energy out of every turn. All of this coupled with the All Mountain Rocker in the tip and you have one of the most versatile high-performance skis there is.

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