February 16, 2017

Featured Gear Thursdays – Rossignol Roostie

Meant for kids less than 44lbs, the Rossignol Roostie encourages confidence with their flexible, lightweight construction. The Rossignol Roostie is the perfect ski for your mini ripper to start skiing on. The Rossitop Cap Construction with a composite and fiberglass core is ultra soft, lightweight, and forgiving for your tiny skier to be able to manage the first time he clicks in, or you click in his boots for him. The 67 cm size only has gills like a cross country ski on it so he wont be taking off too fast, even though you’ll want them to.

For more information about other available gear in Black Tie’s fleet, please visit our website at https://crestedbutte.blacktieskis.com/equipment/.

To schedule your next Black Tie ski rental reservation, please call our office at 970.349.0722.

We look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

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