January 19, 2017

Featured Gear Thursdays – Atomic Affinity Air

Light, maneuverable and forgiving, the Atomic Affinity Air skis make a wonderful first setup for any woman skier. Initiating the turn and bringing the skis through the fall line is super easy, thanks to Atomic’s V-Shape platform which specs a narrower tail.

Unlike the other models in the Affinity series, it’s a foam-core cap construction with no sidewalls, making it light, soft on edge and easy to skid. These are the perfect skis for an advancing woman wanting to take advantage of all of Crested Butte’s groomed runs. For more information about other gear in Black Tie’s fleet, visit our website at https://crestedbutte.blacktieskis.com/equipment/.

To schedule your next Black Tie ski rental reservation, please call our office at 970.349.0722.

We look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

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