December 24, 2014

Why Breckenridge Ice Castles Are More Than “Cool”

Looking for a “Cool” experience in Breckenridge, Colorado?

Check out the amazing Ice Castles, now in Breckenridge for the 2013-2014 season!

Visible from Park Avenue, at 105 West Adams Street, the Castles are open everyday from 2pm until 10pm, and from noon- 10pm on Saturday and Sunday. General admission for ages 12 and up is $10, children 11 -4 years old are $8 and little tikes under 4 are free.

Created from exclusively ice, the castles were formed over a series of weeks to construct the structures now seen.

Once you purchase a general admission ticket, the ticket is good for the whole day. The ticket window representative will tell you that while the Ice Castle is great by day, at night the illumination from the precise lighting is unbelievable. Keep your ticket ready for a after dinner stroll through brilliantly lite ice arches and hallways.

Each season the Castles erupt in different locations. This year they are standing strong spread across the country in Breckenridge, CO., Midway, UT. and at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

From first glance on the outside, the castles seem like a huge mound of ice with haphazard form. I asked Brandt, who was working at the ticket booth if it looks much different once you are inside than it appears from the outside? Is a ticket to go inside really worth it?  He assured me that it is much different from the interior.  He was right!

As I walked under the first archway, I felt like I had stepped into a maze of meticulous ice formations. Hallways of ice arches formed in patterns. From the outside it does not seem so big, but once you walk in it’s as if the closet door to Narnia has opened in front of you.

Visitors gather in the first eye-catching area to take pictures of one another by a certain beautiful structure, only to be amazed again as they walk around the next corner and the next. With its rich beauty, the Castles have been a host to weddings, concerts and other creative venues.

Visit the Breckenridge Ice Castles any day of the week this winter through the end of March (ice temperatures permitting). This is ice like you have never seen before!  Trust me, the cubes in your cup will be jealous.

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