February 25, 2016

Black Tie Ski Rentals of Telluride Welcomes Gay Ski Week!

The LGBT mountain soiree of the year has finally arrived. Ranked as the #1 Gay Ski Week in the contiguous United States, Telluride’s Gay Ski Week offers an unparalleled experience of skiing, fine dining, and mountain-town get downs! The town of Telluride, Colorado is tucked into a remote box canyon, surrounded by the highest concentration of 14,000 foot mountains in the Continental United States. There is no better place to experience the humbling awe of natural beauty, while celebrating the gift of equitable love and the freedom to express gender fluidity. Telluride is a unpretentious ski town, with humbling terrain, that would like to encourage you to come out for Gay Ski Week.

This wonderfully gay week hosts a plethora of activities and events, ranging from pop-up night clubs to adventurous snowmobile excursions. Most importantly, Telluride Gay Ski Week has paired with The Telluride Ski Resort in order to provide enticing discounts of up to 40% off on all lift tickets. Make sure to grab some premium gear from Black Tie Ski Rentals and enjoy the slopes! Black Tie Ski Rentals of Telluride offers a litany of Demo grade equipment, which includes high performance boots, boards, skis, and poles. Black Tie Ski Rentals of Telluride also offers a premiere delivery service to and from any area in town and Mountain Village, making it even easier to move about the line-up of activities that make Gay Ski Week so memorable.

There is an array of events that invite all participants to co-mingle with well known personalities in the LGBT community. This year, expect to see Olympic champion Gus Kennworthy, star comedian Sandra Barnhart, folk legend Shawn Colvin, and many well known DJS that will provide the appropriate tunes vital for the many late night events.

The main showcase of the week belongs to the Telluride AIDS Benefit Fashion Show. This show utilizes the skills of the local populace to promote small boutiques in town, while reminding the audience that AIDS is a prolific problem that continues to effect millions of people world wide. All TAB proceeds are donated to five HIV/AIDS charities in Colorado and Africa: Ethiopian Family Fund, Western Colorado AIDS Project, University of Colorado Hospital Foundation, Ubuntu Africa, Denver Children’s Hospital Immunodeficiency Program, Brother Jeff’s Community Health Initiative, and The Manzini Youth Care Center in Swaziland. A ticket to the show will procure a fantastic live performance and will contribute to altruistic endeavors that help AIDS victims around the globe.

If you are interested in learning more about Telluride Gay Ski Week, ski rentals, or the line up of events, contact Black Tie Ski Rentals of Telluride for more info and tips!

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